Here you can find just a selection of the products we have developed since 1999, used by hundreds of clients.

Cloud Agnostic Marketplace

The best of breed platform to sell and self-deploy web and desktop applications on every public and private cloud provider. The easiest and fastest application onboarding functionality in the market. Without source code modifications.

Smart Urban Mobility Management

Kiunsys builds innovative solutions for the management of Sustainable Mobility (Smart Urban Mobility), Smart Parking and City Logistics. The commitment of Kiunsys in solving the needs of Smart Cities has a constant confirmation over the years.

Other Products


SICaR is a web-GIS for managing all the information – vector, alphanumeric and raster – collected during the analysis and design of restoration projects, regardless of the object type: architecture, paintings, sculpture, and so on. All the collected information can be mapped and geo-referenced on a 2D model of the object.

SICaR is configurable and accessible via the web both for consultation and data entry. The application is designed to enable the on site documentation and provides transversal access to all the data categories managed – geometric information, images, text documents, alphanumeric cards, etc. – ensuring crossed search between them and extreme ease of reference.

SICaR is the technological evolution of the Akira GIS Server, the GIS used by the Italian National Restoration Institute to plan the restoration of the stone surfaces of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

SICaR was adopted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, with the scientific support of the Scuola Normale Superiore, within the ARTPAST project, funded with the CIPE 17/2003 e 83/2003 resolutions and intended to the define a first experimental data restoration structure for the management of the Italian main restoration sites.

In 2012, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage has officially adopted SICaR as the shared platform for the management of  the documentation about restoration areas.

Start using SICaR at:


Data are central to any developer’s work: to carry out market research, to build a database, to develop services, websites, etc.

A developer needs data, and  data are often already available on the web and with DatriX they’re easy to retrieve, collect and manage without writing a line of code.

DatriX provides a simple but powerful web interface able to:

  • define the custom schema of the data to be collected (eg. a book, an event, a company, etc.)
  • define the sources from which pick up the data – automatically, with a crawler  – (eg. one or more websites)
  • define the rules to extract information from the sources, to map them in the schemas
  • define the way the data, once extracted from the sources and reshaped in the “schemas”, have to be stored (eg. a relational DB, an indexing system such as SOLR, or a triple-store)
  • obtain, immediately, a website (or a service available via API) to search, filter and consult collected data.


DBSite is a the Content Management System made 100% by Liberologico. It has more than 200 installations in major public institutions (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, etc.) and in big companies.

Its main features and key drivers:

  • quick to install, quick to learn and easy to use
  • thanks to the Metadata Manager module, DBSite allows to organize the website contents in digital structured archives, real time definable from the admin interface
  • global view of the website structure and easy and quick access to single sections
  • contents editing preview, to best assess changes effectiveness before publishing
  • content import from existing archives and content export in XML standard
  • multiple  DBMS support: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS-SQL; both Linux and Windows installations
  • Wiki support, Trouble-Ticketing system and sub-versioning source code available

DBSite meets the Italian technical accessibility requirements and is compliant with W3C and WCAG recommendations, both in terms of the back-office interface and the website front-end.


PAFlow is a Protocol and Document Management System that allows document registration and workflow management.

PAFlow, currently in version 2.5, is compliant with the national standard (Level A) of DigitPA (former CNIPA, the National Centre for ICT in the Public Administration). It is also compliant with the RFC No.8 of Tuscany Region.

PAFlow is the first Protocol and Document Management System registered in the catalog of software reuse of the Tuscany Region.


M3P is a modular suite with 2 components:

  • M3P CRM – Consumer Relationship Management
  • M3P Engagement

M3P CRM aims to collect and integrate, in a single database:

  • behavior (actions) of consumers using digital channels of a certain brand (website, newsletter, social networks, mobile, etc.)
  • consumers’ personal data, which are normalized and profiled (eg trying to figure out if a person interacting with the brand on different channels is – physically – the same)

The aim is to create clusters of targeted consumers, to use for subsequent marketing actions, in order to identify which consumers have a greater propensity to purchase the products of the brand.

M3P ENGAGEMENT is the module dedicated to the management of prize competitions according to the national laws:

  • instant win
  • always win
  • shopping points
  • and more …